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Full text of "Treatise On Applied Analytical Chemistry(Vol-1)"

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reaches 0-1% and the extraneous matters (naineral substances, bitnmen) vary
mostly from 0-5 to i%, but sometimes reach 2%.

Refined sulphu and Sublimed or Flowers of sulphur should contain only
negligible amounts of foreign matter. Ground and s?i/terf sulphur for agricultural
purposes should have a fineness superior to 50 degrees on Chancel's sulplmrimeter.

Washed flowers of sulphur and Milk (Mailer] of sulphur, for pharmaceutical
uses, should, according to the official Italian Pliarniacopo.'ia, be free from arsenic
and other impurities, and should leave not more than i % (flowers) or an inappre-
ciable amount (milk) of residue when burnt.

Iron pyrites mostly contain 40-50 % of sulphur.d by o-oi